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Does MK 677 Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

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  • Date: December 29, 2022
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While MK 677 is not clinically considered a SARM, a small number of users have experienced erectile dysfunction while taking it.

This potential side effect is believed to be related to higher prolactin levels in the body, though evidence suggests this outcome is greatly unlikely.

The good news is that with certain preventive measures and sensible use practices, there are ways to avoid ED with MK 677.

If you’re curious about the potential connection between MK 677 and ED, this article will delve into potential causes as well as provide additional insight on preventing any negative outcomes.

Does MK 677 Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

How Likely Is ED Caused by MK677 and Increased Prolactin?

MK-677 is a drug that appears to be effective at increasing levels of prolactin, the hormone responsible for milk production in females.

Research into the effects of MK677 on humans indicates that taking it increases serum prolactin by 27%, although this decrease back to baseline occurs shortly after ceasing treatment.

Although MK677 may have positive uses in terms of milk production and bone health, it can have negative side effects in males such as gynecomastia, low sex drive and erectile dysfunction if too much is taken due to its effect on prolactin.

It is important to consider all potential outcomes when contemplating using MK677.

Despite the exceedingly rare nature of MK 677 causing erectile dysfunction, some men may have an increased likelihood of experiencing this side effect depending on their baselines.

Men with lower testosterone levels and higher prolactin levels or histories of erectile issues should conduct bloodwork to check and make sure their baselines are within the recommended ranges.

Fortunately, for men whose hormone levels remain within a healthy scope, peril from any prolactin-related side effects due to MK 677 is minimal, if any at all.

To safeguard against any potential risks or issues as associated with taking MK 677, there are a few preventive measures in place that should be explored thoroughly.

How to Prevent It ​ED Caused by MK677 and Increased Prolactin?

MK 677 is a great supplementation for individuals looking for a performance boost, however it can also lead to erectile dysfunction in those who are especially prone to it.

To prevent this from happening, one should consider supplementing with Vitamin B6 in the form of P5P before bed every day during the MK 677 cycle.

This can help mitigate increases in prolactin which have been known to cause ED when supplemented with this drug.

Furthermore, it would also be beneficial to start out on a small dose and increase it gradually while monitoring for any potential side effects associated with prolactin levels.

By taking these proactive steps early on and maintaining vigilance throughout the duration of your cycle, you can effectively prevent issues such as ED before they arise.

The Real Reason for Erectile Dysfunction

With the rise of bodybuilding and fitness, many companies have taken the chance to capitalize on a lucrative business opportunity.

Unfortunately, this has meant that some vendors are selling fake MK 677 with no regard for the consequences.

To avoid this, it is essential to purchase only from established and trusted retailers who guarantee the authenticity of their products.

That being said, there are still high quality MK 677s available for those willing to do a little bit of research first.


Erectile dysfunction is rare when using MK 677, and most cases have been reported in individuals with high prolactin levels, low testosterone levels, or fake MK 677.

However, to ensure safety it is highly recommended to get your prolactin levels tested prior to taking the supplement.

Those who do not can consider supplementing with P5P during their MK 677 cycle to help prevent any potential issues related to prolactin which could manifest as side effects.

Taking these extra steps will help you optimize your health and further reduce the risk of experiencing any undesired side effect from taking MK 677.

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