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Does RAD 140 Cause Water Retention? All Revealed

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  • Date: January 4, 2023
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RAD 140 is a popular sarm amongst bodybuilders due to its reputation of providing rapid mass gains.

Recently, there has been much debate on whether this supplement would also be associated with water retention.

Analysis of the science, however, reveals that RAD 140 does not cause any water retention and this is backed up by user reports that demonstrate the absence of such side effects.

This makes RAD 140 attractive for individuals looking to support their workout routines without having to worry about any unnecessary adverse effects.

Does RAD 140 Cause Water Retention?

What causes SARMs cycle water retention?

Water retention can be an annoying side effect of supplementing with SARMS. It is caused by either the aromatization of the parent compound into estrogen, or increased glycogen storage due to the product’s anabolic properties.

Aromatization occurs when the parent compound converts to estrogen at a rate significantly higher than other SARMS, leading to a characteristically puffy and bloated appearance.

On the other hand, increased glycogen storage is when your body becomes able to take advantage of carbohydrates more efficiently this can cause you to feel fuller but may be confounded as bloating when in fact it is water retention due to taking SARMS.

RAD 140 is an increasingly popular sarm, or selective androgen receptor modulator, due to its lack of conversion to estrogen.

For this reason, many bodybuilders use it as an effective way to reduce their estradiol counts to maintain a lean physique.

While some people have claimed that taking RAD 140 has caused gyno in them, these claims are often unfounded since what they likely ingested was mislabeled steroids or pro-hormones instead.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that athletes acquire their SARMs from reliable sources to ensure legitimate products and a safe cycle for muscle growth.

Is RAD 140 water retention a serious worry?

For those looking to reduce their risk of bloating, RAD 140 may be an ideal choice.

Unlike other SARMs, RAD 140 does not convert to estrogen in the body, and as such won’t cause water retention.

However, due to its ability to increase glycogen storage, the appearance of scaled-up muscles can be misconstrued as bloating caused by water retention.

The easiest way to prevent this misunderstanding is by sticking with low salt and low dairy diet; this will help eliminate much of the excess water which can lead to bloating.

Diuretics may be an effective tool for athletes or weight lifters needing to cut weight and reduce bloating. Of all the available diuretic options, dandelion root is one of the most popular and widely found.

Taking a sarm could also potentially help people in these categories; however, those who aren’t preparing to compete or trying to cut weight may not need a diuretic at all.

It is important to remember that taking excessive doses of any diuretic can be dangerous, so make sure you are sticking to the recommended dosages.

Is it possible to Take RAD 140 Without Water Retention?

With years of experience experimenting with SARMs, user have now shifted their focus to recomping.

To accomplish this, their cycles have been composed of two parts: bulking SARMs such as RAD 140 or LGD 4033 as a base, which is then enhanced with Cardarine or SR9009.

If they want to further intensify the results, they may also include thermogenic or clenbuterol in the stack.

Employing this approach allows them to burn more fat and reshape their physique without investing too much time in either a full-on bulking or cutting cycle.


Water retention can often lead to uncomfortable and unattractive bloating, so it is reasonable to assume that taking rad 140 would have a similar effect.

But this is not the case. Studies suggest that any instances of increased swelling amongst users occur as a result of enhanced glycogen storage or the consumption of counterfeit products.

This is why we at Sarms are committed to researching products extensively; so you can always be sure to purchase legitimate, quality products from an established seller with a good reputation.

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