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RAD 140 Suppression – Can It Be Prevented During A Cycle?

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  • Date: January 2, 2023
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SARMs like RAD 140 or Testolone are getting more and more popular because they might be able to mimic the effects of testosterone without the side effects that come with steroids.

It has been created as a safer alternative for testosterone replacement therapy and may even prevent muscle wasting from certain illnesses.

Furthermore, RAD 140 may also be used to help increase lean body mass and can act as a performance enhancer.

Not only is this SARM one of the most potent out there, but users will also begin noticing results in just a week of use; however these potent effects may come with further suppression which is why post-cycle therapy (PCT) is recommended for short-term users.

The expected testosterone suppression from utilizing RAD 140 will be covered in this section. We’ll talk about why it occurs and provide you some expert advice on how to minimize its occurrence.

RAD 140 Suppression - Can It Be Prevented During A Cycle?

Why do SARMs cause suppression?

RAD140 and other SARMs work by signaling androgen receptors in muscle tissue, allowing users to build muscle without putting their bodies through the excessive strain that comes with harsher anabolic steroids.

Unfortunately, this signaling also prevents the body from producing testosterone itself.

This results in significant decreases of luteinizing hormone (LH) levels in the body, which leads to suppressed testosterone levels even after discontinuing RAD140 or other SARMs.

Therefore, users need to keep this in mind before taking RAD140 or any SARM supplement, as their bodies will have a lower baseline testosterone level afterward.

How long does it take until you begin to feel suppressed?

RAD140 cycles are an effective way to boost your strength and endurance, but they come with an important caveat: they need to be followed closely.

A typical RAD140 cycle should last from six to eight weeks and the dosage of the drug per day should not exceed 20 mg.

If suppression occurs during the cycle, it may be necessary to reduce the dose before completing it.

Even when taking lower doses, post-cycle therapy is always recommended to maintain any benefits gained from the cycle and keep your body in balance.

Taking time for good post-treatment regimens will also reduce any side effects that could lead to long-term health problems.

How does it feel being suppressed from RAD 140?

RAD140 has been known to affect more than just physical ability. While some may think that it mainly affects body composition and strength, there are other side effects as well.

One of the major side effects is brain fog, which can rob your mind of clarity and make it difficult to focus on tasks.

Furthermore, users may experience extreme lethargy, which can make it hard to even get out of bed or go to the gym.

Moreover, RAD140 can negatively impact moods and motivation levels, making sticking to a workout routine more challenging than usual.

It’s important for potential users of RAD140 to be aware of all its effects so that they are not caught off guard when (and if) these issues arise.

SARMs are increasingly being seen as a safer and more effective alternative for muscle-building as compared to traditional anabolic steroids.

Studies have shown that one of the most potent SARMs, RAD140, can increase muscle weight even at lower doses than other SARMs.

What makes it so powerful is also its effectiveness when administered to non-human primates and the extrapolations made based on toxicology reports.

Although ostarine is preferred during the cutting cycle since it tends to be more effective for fat loss, RAD140 has been found to cause greater gains in muscle mass, making it ideal for bulking cycles.

Therefore, RAD140 should be given due consideration when planning the cycle type for maximum results.

Protocol for PCT for RAD 140 Cycles

The good news is that the PCT process for SARMs is relatively easy compared to anabolic steroids when following the correct protocol.

I have personally completed various SARMs cycles and never felt like any of my achievements were lost due to a lack of PCT.

The choice between over-the-counter supplements or not is ultimately up to you, however, it’s best practice to purchase products from reputable companies that use lab-tested ingredients and do your research into suitable dosages via examine.com.

Taking this approach will help ensure you complete a thorough PCT with minimal side effects.

Follow these tips to avoid Post-Cycle Therapy

RAD140 should be taken responsibly and only in prescribed dosages. For beginners, the recommended dosage is 5 mg per day and should only be used for 8 weeks at most.

An increase in dosage may be warranted if no adverse reactions are experienced with the lower dosage over two weeks.

However, it is essential to note that exceeding 10 mg daily can lead to the suppression of natural testosterone levels and should be avoided at all costs.

When taking SARMs, it is essential to seek out only the most reliable sources for high-quality compounds.

Unfortunately, many of these products must be procured from underground or mysterious sources thanks to bans in certain markets.

Therefore, a great deal of caution should be exercised when shopping around since there are numerous fake or improperly labeled items available.

If not used with extreme care, SARMs have the potential to cause permanent and potentially disastrous side effects.

It is best to always pay extra attention when researching and reading product labels to ensure that consumers receive only the highest quality solutions.

When considering the use of RAD140, it is highly recommended to get a blood test administered before beginning supplementation.

This will allow you to get an understanding of how your body may respond to the compound and provide insight into anabolic activity.

Additionally, blood tests can be used as a baseline for monitoring suppression that may occur over time due to high dose usage.

Keeping track of such markers is incredibly important for gauging when and if supplemental cycles should be stopped to avoid adverse effects.

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RAD140 is a powerful compound that has become increasingly popular lately, but one must take caution when using it.

It is important to be mindful of the recommended treatment duration, as taking RAD140 for more than 8 weeks can lead to undesirable side effects.

While there may be some people who have gone beyond this, it is not known what long-term impact it could have on an individual’s health.

To ensure your safety and well-being, we strongly recommend heeding the suggested cycles and guidelines provided.

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